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Web Analytics & Data-driven Site Optimization – Hungary

Web Analytics Jobs Hungary

Are your trying to find a web analyst in Hungary or do you want to find a good web analytics position in Hungary?

Email to webanalyticshungary [at] gmail [dot] com

Job posts will be posted here. Webanalitika állás, webanalitika munka – hirdess itt!

Ideas for what you may be looking for in a web analyst, here’s a sample web analytics job posting:


– At least one to two years of focused work with Web analytics, and clickstream analysis tools.
– hands-on analysts with roughly 1-2 years experience in Website data analysis
– have at least some experience that illustrates creative problem solving skills.
– Google Analytics strongly preferred
– Omniture, ClickTracks, WebTrends, HBX, CoreMetrics etc.and
– Ability to give Effective and persuasive presentations (verbal and written) for clients and project teams.

Your Job as an Analyst:

– analyze basic website, user, traffic, and campaign data to identify opportunities, and potential problems or bottlenecks in a Client website.
– use Google Analytics to identify ‘marketing experiments’ to test ideas for improving Website sales performance.
– Work with the team to make modifications to the website, to drive specific Website user behaviors that have a help achieve key performance metrics (eg: revenue, conversion Rate, problem, ad impressions, customer satisfaction, etc).
– Weekly, monthly analysis and reporting to clients on results of marketing experiments, analysis of trends and management discussion/executive summary.
– Implementation of Multivariate testing strategies (from hypothesis creation to influencing creatives to identifying success metrics) and post test analysis. Experience in Google Website Optimizer or comparable technology a plus.
– Documentation relating to existing processes


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