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Upcoming Web Analytics Wednesday Budapest, Hungary Meetup – Nov 11 – Dec 9

Posted by webanalyticshungary on October 9, 2009

After the October WAW (Web Analytics Wednesday) meetup in downtown Budapest, here comes the second Web Analytics meetup at CoLabs, one of the geek places in Budapest.

  • Date: Nov 11: Rescheduled for DEC 9 at 6:30 2009 (you guessed, it is a Wednesday).
  • Venue: TBD (twitter code used for WAW HU: #wawhu, international is #waw)

  • Fee: 500HUF (approx. 2 euros)
  • Register for WAW HU here: Web Analytics Wednesday
  • Speakers & Topics:
  • Tamas Acs – Gemius for Competitive Intelligence
  • Andras Rung – Web Ergonomy
  • Zoltan Balazs – Usability
  • Anna Sebestyen – KPI and Segmentation
  • Speakers are wanted for later events too, so do not hesitate to recommend a good web analyst, web statistician or apply to give a presentation (if not in Nov, you may be up in Dec or later – no speakers left behind!). We hope to have some foreign presenters again, and keep the international feature of the presentations (i.e. language of presentations is English)
web analytics wednesday - official logo

web analytics wednesday – official logo

The date is Nov 11, the venue is TBD again (so ‘to be determined’ – but it would be a good pub name too… the thing is that some guys thought it was a pub). We will be charging a very favorable fee of 500HUF (hope you get drinks for it, so do not get tight fisted about a pint of beer).

We need your feedback in order to get the most out of the web analytics meetups, so share your ideas, likes, dislikes and wishes here or at the following email webanalyticshungary [at] gmail [dot] com.

Two ideas so far

1, Differences between Google Analytics & Yahoo Web Analytics – features – by Márk Petényi

2, Organize events that are focusing on one single topic but from various aspects – by RolFic

3, Setting up a PPC Monday and an SEO Thursday – by István Türk :) (wow, we could be learning all week!)

We need more!


One Response to “Upcoming Web Analytics Wednesday Budapest, Hungary Meetup – Nov 11 – Dec 9”

  1. I added the event to my calendar and hope to meet you all there. Just hope the presentations and event is going to be held in English cause I think I only know 2 or 3 Hungarian words.

    As for future events another great topic could be “Multivariate Testing & Web Analytics” (if nobody volunteers to talk about it, I would gladly do it :) )

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