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June Dershewitz – intro to Web Analytics – WAW Hungary

Posted by webanalyticshungary on October 9, 2009

June Dershewitz (VP of SEMPhonic, also on board of Web Analytics Association) gave the first presentation at the first Web Analytics Wednesday meetup in Budapest, Hungary. It was a good choice for two reasons.

June’s topic was 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started in Web Analytics. So on the one hand her topic was very much about the basics, encouragement for those who are just starting their web analyst careers.

On the other hand, it was a good choice to start with her, because the  whole avalanche started with her. :) She was the first space girl to land on the numeric planet of Web Analytics: who had the genuine and ingenious idea to have Web Analytics Wednesdays (while Eric T Peterson at Web Analytics Demystified keeps sponsoring worldwide events!).

Her number 9 advice resonates very much with me – basically that’s the reason I started WAW in Hungary: “You are not alone. Right now there are other web analysts sitting at their own desks, somewhere between the techies and the marketers, and they’re facing exactly the same issues that you are. You will meet them at Web Analytics Wednesday.”

A question June answers now in the blog: how many web analytics Wednesdays have been organized so far (and in how many countries?)

“So far, Web Analytics Wednesday events have been held 168 times in 62 cities around the world and have brought together 6986 web analytics practitioners!”
Reference (scroll to bottom):

My question was: is it true or it’s just my impression that Central/Eastern Europe has now hosted the first WAW – in Budapest, Hungary? Yeah, you could say it’s a futile question, a silly pride, a hunt for being ‘first’ (you remember the commenter who commented only ‘First’?). And it is indeed a fact, Budapest hosted the first WAW in the CEE region. It would be nice to see more and to have guest speakers from neighboring countries too (as well as other countries).

But it sort of could feel good, almost like a measurement of Hungary’s potential to jump on the web band wagon faster and become more competitive in an international – global market, right? To tell the truth, the Czech Republic is very much ahead of us, Poland likewise (but Poland is big, you could say – the more internet users, the more chance to develop a more advanced web market. Maybe. Maybe not.) So we could have an angle in web analytics, data analytics, data mining, etc.

Here’s an interview with June Dershewitz made in 2007:


One Response to “June Dershewitz – intro to Web Analytics – WAW Hungary”

  1. Hello Anna! It was an honor to be a part of the inaugural WAW Budapest. You’re off to a great start. Here’s to many successful events in the future (some of which I hope to attend, as well!).

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