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Emer Kirrane – Free Does not Mean Bad in Web Analytics Tools – WAW Hungary

Posted by webanalyticshungary on October 9, 2009

Emer Kirrane, who is an account manager at Yahoo Web Analytics, based in Budapest Hungary (for about 4 years) gave a short presentation at Web Analytics Wednesday Hungary about free vs. bad – dispelling the assumption that the tool you get for free is not so great. It is. But, she added, what studies found was that there is a correlation between price and your expectations or rather willingness to focus & make use of:


Emer Kirrane - Free vs Bad

Emer Kirrane – Free vs Bad

the more you spend on your tool, the more you want to get from it, so you are more willing to do the really important thing: far beyond just getting the analytics tool and implementing it, you are working hard to get reports of segmented data accompanied by actionable insights.

Actually this observation is pretty logical and I think we have heard the same reasoning concerning many other things (like learning English with your sister or learning English at a very expensive hyped tutor). Now the placebo you buy with your analytics tool is that you want more from it, and you pay high price for well interpreted data – the job of a seasoned web analyst…

So here’s the short version of Emer’s presentation (the most exciting slide is missing, but you can see a similar chart from 2007 on Dennis Mortensen’s blog here – Forrester Web Analytics Wave 2009)

Marton Szoke, founder of Index Tools later on transformed into Yahoo Web Analytics was also at the meetup (despite the fact that he just returned from San Francisco, on that very day). Now the interesting thing is that he pointed out that the market strategy of YWA is quite different from the market strategy of Google Analytics, saying that GA goes for the long tail.


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