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Anna Sebestyen on Coupons for Decreasing Cart Abandonment Rates – WAW Budapest

Posted by webanalyticshungary on October 9, 2009

Anna Sebestyen was not only the organizer of the first Web Analytics Wednesday event in Budapest, Hungary, but she was also one of the five speakers at WAW.

As WAW Budapest took place just before the holidays, it was logical to pick a basically e-commerce topic: Coupons and Cartsbut we can add that coupons could be used for non e-commerce sites too (e.g. coupons for marketing consultants, or news sites – for offline magazines, for instance, etc.).

The main points of the Coupon Marketing Tactics were to test the full process from a user point of view – including how you find the coupons. Besides, test how it works adding the Enter Coupon Code box on your cart page – it may be boosting your sales but it also may be detrimental – you need to find it how it works for your own site (preferably on a microsite or in a limited context to avoid major revenue loss)

Her presentation on Coupon Marketing & Optimization is shared on Slide Share:


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