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How did the idea came to organize Web Analytics Wednesday in Budapest too?

Posted by webanalyticshungary on October 8, 2009

It was very much in the air to get our ample share of web analytics via the international event series of Web Analytics Wednesdays (WAW), as a handful of European countries have already had WAW events (like the UK, France, Denmark, etc.).

But there was no Web Analytics Wednesday in Eastern or Central Eastern Europe yet!

Eric T Peterson - Web Analytics Demystified sponsorship

So it was quite obvious to Anna (Anna Sebestyen) – who was staying in the Silicon Valley to participate in SES San Jose search marketing conference, to visit Google & the Singularity University where  hubby Attila Csordas was a teaching fellow of bioinformatics – so it was obvious to Anna when she popped into a fantastic and vibrating Web Analytics Wednesday event in San Francisco, CA that this great casual/professional event should be localized as soon as possible. The guys behind WAW were June Dershewitz (idea giver, ardent web analyst and WAA board member) and Eric T Peterson (constant organizer and sponsor via Web Analytics Demystified).

As Anna recalls (pretty strange to write about yourself in third person):

“I was looking at an amazing bunch of web analysts in an elegant hotel in downtown San Francisco, thinking ‘oh, my God, this is incredible. We must have it. No matter how many people turns up, it can be only 10 or 15, no matter if it’s not in a shiny glass hotel, WE MUST HAVE IT, no matter how many hours I need to kill into organizing it in a short notice, we must continue the wave in Hungary, CEE!’

‘So I was standing and schmoozing and then it struck me, ‘hey who is behind the whole thing?’ I went back to the reception counter and the guys told me I should be looking for Eric T Peterson
(his name and face I recalled from the sign up page and some googling before attending the event, plus he was the host ushering in the presenters from comScore, Tealeaf, etc.). OK, I will.’

Bob Page at WAW SF

Bob Page at WAW SF

There he was standing in the analytics ball room surrounded by some ladies and gents. OK deep breath, there is no much time: ‘Hello Eric, can I disturb you for a moment?’ ‘Sure,’ says Eric, while the rest of the guys are also politely staring at me. [Woops, I didn’t expect to have more eyeballs than two. Gulp, it’s gonna be OK, I was patting on my own shoulder]. ‘Sooo, I’m from Hungary, Europe [I always add Europe these days, realizing that some Americans have no idea where Hungary could be], and I thought that it may be a good idea to have a Web Analytics Wednesday in Budapest, Hungary too. Would it be OK with you?’ ‘That’s great / Sure’ says Eric (or something like this, very re-assuring and absolutely positive). etc. You can imagine the rest. Or maybe no. He actually offered to sponsor the event!

Now the twist in the story is that not only did I get the attention of Eric, but also that of June’s

June Dershewitz at Budapest WAW

June Dershewitz at Budapest WAW

(June Dershewitz), who happened to be standing in the fine bunch of people around Eric – and June happens to be the regular organizer of the local SF WAW plus the idea giver of the whole WAW meme, plus a bunch of other volunteer web analytics posts and stuff.

Now, to the point, she was just planning her journey to Budapest, Hungary in October. So I looked at her with amazement and blurted out ‘Do you think you could come to the very first Hungarian Web Analytics meetup and give a short presentation?’ and June came and presented! :)

Then, returning back to the timeframe of WAW SF, a tall guy looks at me and says, ‘I will send the whole team there’ I couldn’t quite understand what he was referring to. Then it turns out that he is Bob Page Head of Analytics Engineering at Yahoo Web Analytics (previously Index Tools developed in Hungary bought up by Yahoo – met founder later Marton Szoke in Budapest, strange, right?). So they have an engineering and account Yahoo Web Analytics team in Budapest Hungary. ‘Sure, they are welcome. – says I’. And there they were, about 5-6 people form Yahoo at Web Analytics Wednesday Hungary.

Now the next thing that happens is that I get an email and tweet from Emer Kirrane, who works at Yahoo and who was just about to organize the first WAW in Hungary.

I was really surprised to jump in just in time to have the first WAW HU as a Hungarian initiative, coming from a non-monster company. :) I’m kind of lucky and grateful to have this fantastic opportunity.

Web Analytics Wednesday Hungary - in the nick in time

Web Analytics Wednesday Hungary - in the nick in time

The first WAW in Hungary was set up in 3 weeks (Oct 7 2009) – and it was a major success: a lot more people than I expected, great speakers (both foreign and Hungarian), great place, great wines in Doblo – what else do you want? Yeah: an English language meetup in Hungary ! (which is not so obvious in Hungary, where Hungarian is comfortable for many folks and English takes an extra stress and effort understandably).

Even though I was thinking of a very small handful of people (like 15 or so) who would possibly enjoy spending their Wed evening with web analytics, it was a lot lot more – 300% increase! :) (and a very high conversion rate of registered people and attendants – 60 vs. 45).

Now if you should be from a country where no WAW events have been yet, let me encourage you: this is a great thing and there may be a lot more people than you think interested in making websites more efficient and profitable based on segmented web stats ! Plus you can expect Eric T Peterson to sponsor the event (check out the sponsorship requirements first!). Let me know if I can help you: webanalyticshungary [at] gmail [dot] com.


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